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Why Join Adult Fuck Buddy

The dating site for no strings attached sex dates.

Tell your mates that there are women who advertise online looking for a fuck buddy or a no strings attached sex date and they will either say I already know or they will laugh at you. The ones who have already discovered the fruits of such dating sites might offer a discreet wink or a smile and as for those that laugh, they obviously haven't tried it for themselves. Maybe they would like to but they are all hot air and bottle it when it comes down to actually meeting with a lady who wants them just for sex.

They will probably come up with the usual garbage that it is easy for a woman to go out and get laid so why would she join such a site? I could list a page full of answers ranging from married women wishing to remain as discreet as possible to business ladies who haven't the time for a long term relationship or a jealous lover, instead I will invite you to click the Start Your Search link and read the ladies profiles for yourself as many give their own reasons in their own words as to why they are seeking themselves an adult  fuck buddy.

When you start your search the first question you will be asked is are you a man or a woman and are you seeking a man or a woman, at this stage you will also be asked for your location and your age. That is all there is to it, click the search button and if there are any local fuck buddies close to your location the system will tell you exactly how many. It really is as simple as that, you are then invited to join for FREE where you will have the ability to view the profiles of those who have already joined. If you like the person there will be a small monthly fee if you wish to make contact or you can fill in your profile sit back and hope that someone contacts you instead.

Along the way you will have the chance to state what age range you are happy with, my advice would be to remain quite open about this, you might think that you don't want anyone over 50 but I can tell you from experience, there are some real stunning ladies out there between the age of 35 and 55. The system allows you to remain as discreet or as open as you wish, if you do upgrade your account to make the first contact it is a set fee for unlimited contacts not per person. Why have one fuck buddy when you can have several to choose from!!

We also have a rating system but we do ask that you use it wisely. The system is not for abuse or bullying, we do not expect you to rate a guy on the size of his cock or a lady on whether she swallows or not or has saggy tits. The rating system should be used on issues like did your fuck buddy turn up on time? Did they treat you with consideration? Do you feel that they gave an honest profile of themselves? It is a rating system to help others feel more at ease, use it correctly and it is a great tool in building confidence.

We do not tolerate any kind of abuse, if in the unlikely event you have an unpleasant experience with any of the members listed with us then contact us right away, full details of security measures and tips for a safe experience can be found on our Security page..

A very popular feature that we have is the ability for you to upload video or webcam footage or even participate in 1-2-1 webcam chat with each other. While we permit the viewing of images in the FREE area of the site the ability to view video and chat 1-2-1 is locked behind the upgraded paid for membership, this due to both the nature of the content and to protect the members from those seeking out a time wasting free ride (and we do need to pay the running costs as we are not a charity). Some members love the webcam ability as it allows them to check the person does actually look like the person in the profile but it isn't for everyone and it is an optional preference.

We have tried to keep this site as easy to navigate as possible, there is absolutely no pressure to make contact with anyone, there is no hard sales pitch but should you decide it is in your interest to make that first move and get in touch with someone that excites you we have made it as simple and as pain free as possible to do so.

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